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The Best Plasma Cutters We Have Used

Introduction: In many different occupations people have several benefits from having a plasma cutter. Whether you weld commercially, maintain property or fix things around your home. If you have plasma cutter, you can simply do and grab many jobs with one tool. Now plasma cutters have more features with affordable price. You can perform various…


Should You Become a Drilling Rig Welder?

One of the more exciting and lucrative career paths an adventurous welder can take is on an offshore drilling rig. While welders are almost always in high demand welders willing to work on a rig are among the top most wanted welders. So, if you’re looking for a career that offers good pay, security and…


Welding Safety Tips You Need Now

Hazards do occur and that is why you should encourage for safety practices. Welding exposes you to various risks despite the size of company you run. Consequently, whether you are a welder in a big company that majors in intensive welding or you run a small business, prioritizing on safety is compulsory. To boost productivity…