The Best Plasma Cutters We Have Used

Introduction: In many different occupations people have several benefits from having a plasma cutter. Whether you weld commercially, maintain property or fix things around your home. If you have plasma cutter, you can simply do and grab many jobs with one tool. Now plasma cutters have more features with affordable price. You can perform various tasks on daily or weekly basis with the help of best plasma cutters. Plasma cutters are able to cut easily all types of metal including, carbon steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel alloys, cobalt and stainless steel. Plasma cutting process is very innovative. You can make different shapes and angles when working with sheet metal without any problem. There are various companies which come out with handheld plasma cutters, so it is very tough to select best plasma cutters. The best plasma cutters we have used are listed below.

Everlast SuperCut 50: This is a fine model which can cut half inch metal with ease. This is quite inexpensive which provides good performance when needed. It has many benefits and features like, inexpensive service parts and consumables, high frequency arc starting, adjustable post flow, high duty cycle at 60 percent rated amperage capacity. It has air pressure indicators light which keep you updated about units operating condition.

  • Amperage output-35 A
  • Power voltage input- 220 V/120 V
  • Duty cycle percentage- 35 A @ 60%
  • Thickness of metal-3/8 to 1 inch
  • Weight-25 pounds
  • Dimensions- 19.5 x 14.1 x 13.2 inches

Longevity forceCut 40D: This plasma cutter is best for those people who just begin their journey with plasma cutting. It is very lightweight and easy to use which performs high quality large cuts without stopping or slowing down. It has dual voltage 110 V/220 V which is capable of cutting thick steel at 40amps. With this plasma cutter you can cut all exotic metals very effectively. It has digital display and air adjustment on the front for great tuning. This plasma cutter can be a good addition in your tool collection.


  • Amperage output-40 A
  • Weight-25 pounds
  • Voltage- 110 V/220V
  • Thickness of Metal- ¼ to ½ inches
  • Dimensions- 15x6x9 inches

Lotos LPT5000D IGBT: This is simply best plasma cutter which is available at very reasonable price. It has inverter technology which delivers concentrated and precise cutting surface. With minimal power and heat you can easily cut wide range of materials and surfaces with this plasma cutter like, brass, steel, alloy, conducting material and aluminum etc. this is specially designed for DIY (Do-it-Yourself), businesses and professional users.



  • Dual voltage capacity-110V/220V
  • 50 amp digital inverter air plasma cutter
  • Max cut thickness-1/2 inches
  • Max severance thickness-3/4 inches
  • PAPST advanced German cooling system
  • Includes ground clamp and cable, air hose, plasma torch, air regulator and air hose connections

Miller spectrum 625 X- TREME: Miller is a very famous company when it comes to plasma cutters or other products. Everyone had good experience with miller products. The weight of this plasma cutter is 21 pounds so this is a great model for out in the field. It provides state of the art flexibility to all types of users. It has X- CASE which provides fantastic protection during storage and transport. It is very easy to handle and potable at the job site or shop. It has auto fire technology which provides ultimate experience when cutting multiple pieces of metal or expanded metals. This plasma cutter is extremely affordable.


  • Amperage output-20-40V
  • Dimensions-13.25x9x5.5 inches
  • Weight-21 pounds
  • Duty cycle%-27 A@20%; 20A@ 35% and 40A@50%
  • Thickness of metal- ½ inch stainless steel, 3/8 inch aluminum and 5/8 inch mild steel
  • Voltage power- 120V/240V

Hobart Airforce 700i 230V: This plasma cutter has been in the business for year. It provides you cutting precision and power which you want. It provides craftsmanship and quality materials with innovative inverter design. it has many ultimate features like, ergonomic torch, newly designed, can be used engine driven welders, post flow air chilling, fan on demand, cable management, power torch and cord etc.

  • Dimension-14.2x 8.2x 11.2 inches
  • Weight-31.4 pounds
  • Duty cycle-35% at 104° F
  • Voltage power-230V
  • Thickness of metal-7/8 inch steel

LOTOS LTP6000: This is an ultimate heavy duty machines which is perfect for rough surfaces and dirty metal cutting with a duty cycle of 60 PCT at maximum output. It has pilot arc feature which provides you quality and clean cutting without slowing down. It is an ideal choice for farm work, factory maintenance, auto body repairs and fabrication work. This plasma cutter is suitable for copper, aluminum, alloy steel, mild steel and stainless steel cutting. It includes ground clamp, cutting torch, consumables, power supply, connections, air filter and regulator.

  • Dimension- 19 x 8 x12 inches
  • Weight-39 pounds
  • Voltage input- 200-240V, 1PH, 40A
  • Thickness of metal- Max-3/4inches
  • Duty cycle- 60A duty cycle @40C

New Antra CUT40A: It has digital inverter technology which makes it perfect for daily users and professionals. It ensures high productivity with powerful cutting speed at minimal operating cost. It has digital inverter technology with high efficiency. It has quick cooling ventilation which allows you maximum power usage without overheating. It is very easy to use with low thermal expansion. This plasma cutter is suitable for copper, aluminum, alloy steel, mild steel and stainless steel, oil tanks, chassis, tube cutting. It includes ground clamp, cutting torch, consumables, power supply, connections, air filter and regulator.

  • Weight-15.6 pounds
  • Dimensions-14.2 x 10.6 x5.9 inches
  • Voltage-230 volts
  • Amperage capacity-200A
  • Duty cycle -60 percent @40amps


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